See you & Thank you London!

Road Show | May 1, 2018

Goodbye London

Thank you London for having us during the London Global Expo event. During our stay, we met some really interesting people and partnered up with some amazing companies such as My Credit Chain and Comply Advantage. Nathaniel also gave some amazing interviews and talks during his 2 weeks stay. You can catch most of those on our social media pages. We officially launched our private sale on the 18 of April and have indeed generated a lot of interests. The private sale currenly offers a 100% bonus and will run until the 20th of May 2018. Please register if you are interested to participate on our participate page. You can also dm us on our telegram channel if you would love to hear more.


Hello Dubai and NYC

We are now moving to the next part of our journey. Nathaniel is heading to Dubai today and Suryani is already in the states for the Consensus 2018 event in May. If you are in either of those events, please don’t hesitate to ping us.


What’s next?

The world satoshi summit has unfortunately been cancelled, so Nathaniel will most likely be in India for 5 days before heading to Thailand and south east asia to meet up with some of our private investors.