Guide to the IAME Road Show Sale

FAQ | April 11, 2018

We’ve been receiving lots of enquiries recently with regards to our Road Show Sale. Here is short guide and FAQ for prospective investors.


How do I participate the Road Show Sale?


To participate in the road show sale you will have to:


1. Download the IAME App. (We only allow participation from the IAME App)


2. Create a IAME Account on the App. (A unique Ethereum address will be created for you through our own Ethereum nodes, we do not use third party providers for security reason)


3. Charge the Account with Ether. (You can transfer directly from exchanges)


4. Swipe left and click on the contribute Button. (Easy!)


How long will the Road Show Sale last?


We will launch the road show Sale on the 18th of April at the London Blockchain Conference, and will last till the 20th of May. Once this date is reached, the Road Show Sale smart contract will no longer accepting anymore contribution.


What is the minimum contribution for the Road Show Sale and what will I get?


The minimum contribution will be 1 Ether, and the rate set to 20,000 IAM Tokens per Ether. Please make sure you don’t contribute any less than this amount during the road show sale, or the contribution will fail and your Ether returned to you.


When will I receive my IAM Tokens?


The IAM Tokens will be allocated no later than the 25th of August, and airdropped directly to the contributing address on the IAME App.


Are there any restrictions to participation?


If you are a citizen or resident of the United States of America or its dependent jurisdictions, participation at any stage of IAME Road Show Sale, Private Sale, Presale, or Initial Coin offering is prohibited.

If you are from any other jurisdictions, please ensure that your country allows participation in initial coin offerings.


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